Multiple Metro Systems


People have been requesting Guangzhou which has a cable car system and a metro systems as well. Was wondering if we could have a map where you have to manage two different metro systems


Guangzhou? That’s not cable car, that’s APM(the one in Vancouver).


Googles Vancouver


No Guangzhou has one as well


Just thought of another example, London’s tube, tram link and the buses. (So many buses)


Definitely! This is something that we’ve talked a lot about, it would add a lot of interesting depth if you had to balance multiple systems within the same network. It would add complexity to the interface so that would take a lot of work on our end to make sure it didn’t lose the elegance of the current system.


If it helps, I thought that they would be able to connect at stations but the different types of line/route wouldn’t be able to cross over each other. Maybe have dashed lines for different systems… Sorry, just musing over ideas now…