My daily challenge ranking gets better while the week goes by


Hi there,

having played the daily challenge for ten days now, I wonder why my score like 1087 passengers for Monday is ranked place 957 on Monday, but gets better day by day. On Sunday same week, my 1087 passengers may display like place 7. Are co-players who don’t play the entire week thrown out of the statistics`?

And, err, has it never been intended to crown a winner of the entire week?

Thanks in advance and cheers,



So your Monday score moves up the ladder as the week progresses? That is a little odd! Which platform is this on?


It’s not extremely odd, I’d say. While watching TV, my ranking gets better :sunglasses:
More seriously, it’s on Android 4.4.2. Minimetro version 1.3.2

Please don’t forget my other question: have there been plans for a final evaluation of the entire week?


Okay, thanks. I think it’s something to do with how our Android partners have put together the daily challenge leaderboards. I’ll chase it up with them.

At the moment we’re not looking at a week-wide score. We’d love to add it but unfortunately most platforms have very prescriptive grouping algorithms for leaderboards and we don’t quite fit any of them. Doing it manually would require a fair bit of infrastructure work on our end (basically running all the leaderboards ourselves) which we’re not really set up to handle.