NEW metro ROME pls!


hi i love to play Mini Metro but i wil like more if you can add a new city
the city is Rome (Roma) the capital of Italy!!!(because i am italian)

pls let me know if you will add or not !
P.S. i show you 3 maps to make you see the river and
to choose the best
mapa-metro-roma|690x470 260px-Roma_-mappa_metropolitana(schematica)


Hey, thanks for the suggestion! One problem with Rome is it only has three lines, so we’d need to either design a way to play that was engaged with only three lines, or invent some more colours (which locals aren’t always happy about!). What a subway map needs to make for an easy conversion into Mini Metro is three main things: a distinctive colour scheme, at least seven lines, and interesting water features (preferably integrated into the map itself).

We are aware that Mini Metro is currently lacking an Italian map though.


Ah ok … so there will be no Italian cities? anyway thanks for the reply:grinning: