Nintendo Switch Game Code?


I know this is kind of rude to ask, but I have this game on my phone and love it. I just bought a Nintendo switch, and I was wondering if you could give me a download code for that version. If not, I fully understand. My email is please get back when you can


Unfortunately we can’t! Radial Games are handling the distribution, and they’ve given out their full allotment of codes for review. Even we had to buy our own copy. :slight_smile:


That’s cold on Radial’s part… Nice job on the switch port, is the achievement mode coming to Switch?


Not holding it against them! If they gave us one then it’s one fewer streamer or journalist that gets a free copy, so happy to eat the 10 bucks. :slight_smile: Codes for mobile platforms and consoles are much more heavily controlled vs. Steam (where you can print off almost as many as you want).

Yep updates will be coming to the Switch edition. Challenge mode was being developed at exactly the wrong time, as while were finishing off work on it Radial were getting the Switch edition certified, so they weren’t able to merge all of our work in prior to release. In future we’ll try to coordinate updates. It is tricky given the different lead times for all the various platforms and storefronts.