No more then 3 tracks and bridges and wagons disappear


I play on an iPad 10.3” and game worked first time. But now I cannot get more than 3 tracks. I get the new week, new track. But it doesn’t show up in game. Same with wagons they only show up 1 time in 10, when I should get a wagon.

When changing track layout bridges dissapear. From having 3 bridges all of a sudden I only have one, and the storage shows as grey/empty.


Have you tried reinstalling or resetting your game?


No have even tried un installing rebooting and then install again. No help


Think I found the reason. If I don’t click exactly in the center of on off the two choices. I get neither one.


Oh that’s super strange! I’ll have a look at this and add it to our backlog. Thanks for the heads up!


Try minimizing and closing it using task manager. Then open it again.