No scores to compare to


Hi, I’m playing on SailfishOS , emulating Android 4.4.

I don’t have Google services - is this why I don’t have anyone elses score to compare to?


Hello! Thanks for all of the info. Yes, our leaderboards are tied to Google Play so to have other high scores appear, you need to be connected to it.


i take it that trophies also rely on the same mechanism ?

as there are no trophies on the GPS (Google play services) version

is there an online leader board anywhere to compared to?


Correct. You technically get a trophy when you unlock each level, but we didn’t put any stand alone announcements in the game (which we are now realising was a bit of a mistake but we’re a bit too far past being able to implement it).

I’m glad to have some good news for you! We have public leader boards on our steam version which you can find here:
They’re a bit cumbersome to navigate, but it’s better than nothing.