Passenger travelling outside the carriage


Cheers, thank you! Unfortunately, the logs don’t look like they will help (there’s just too much info going through them). As long as we’re not seeing more than 6 passengers “on” the train, the problem hopefully wont’ be too tough to solve.


I have seen several times (especially with the shinkansen on Osaka) a single carriage train taking as many as 12 passengers. Will post screenshot when it next happens


Now you mention this, yes with shinkansen it happens a lot. The thing is, I only choose Shinkansen when I am forced too.


Really I try to get a dedicated high speed line asap


What your highscore in Osaka atm? I have 3000+ as recond, dont know on which device though, on Steam I have 2400 soemthing. Upped steam, it stays a horrible level.


Yeah, we plan to play a lot of Osaka games when we start digging into the bug.


Is this related to the passenger outside problem? There is something wrong with the station queue display… in the interchange triangle station near the middle of the screenshot. Eariler, I saw the ‘passenger traveling outside the carriage’ problem on the orange line in this image.


Wow, never seen that before at stations. Which version are you running on Android @TransitTourist?


According to Google Play, MM 1.7.0 Sep 1, 2017.


Maybe some people went to the loo?


We’re there more passengers than shown or were the icons simply a bit scattered?


Definitely more passengers than shown … I believe, when a station is “overloaded” the last line of passengers fades out, then as passengers depart, the queue updates, but sometimes gaps start to appear in the display. I’ve seen three blank rows of passengers.

This problem comes up often for me on Osaka, and might be a useful test case, though I haven’t noticed passengers travelling outside in Osaka.

I set up Osaka with a minimal plan – a three station tight triangle/dot/square loop with a couple of lines connecting all the uniques to the square. And I make the triangle an interchange as soon as possible, and feed it using relief lines just with the fast trains. Sometimes 3 full trains arrive at the same time, along with a locomotive to shuttle square passengers out of the triangle. I’ve noticed with this method, that the station takes a long time to get a count down timer, maybe because so many passengers are coming and going at once, or maybe because a counter is screwed up???

Regardless my efforts… I haven’t been able to get past my top score for quite some time :(((

some screenshots … the square station w/countdown timer… with mixed up queue

the square station again, after three trains dispatched… still mixed up queue


Thanks for the update with this! We’ll have a look and get back to you.


Are you working relieve lines all the time from all circles?


Yes, all the unconnected circles – but still I have to watch the connected ones, as the episode progresses, even those will have passengers left behind by trains.


I’ve seen the queue glitch but only on Osaka on Mobile (Droid)


If you’ve updated to the most recent Android build through Humble (delta31, version 1.9.1), can you let me know if you’ve seen any similar behaviour? We have found and fixed an issue that would’ve caused it, but it only occurred when a station mutated.


I don’t know what humble is – but when I see an update on google play, I’ll be sure to check this out.


Ah right! I thought you were running the game from Humble Bundle. Playdigious will be updating the game on Google Play pretty soon.


I updated today … is it version 201710130903 (2.0.2)? Google Play says this was updated on Oct 13 ??? But I was only prompted by google play today. I see a stockholm map, that I haven’t seen before. So something has definitely changed.

I played Osaka today – the mixed up queue is still there … check out the triangle interchange near the center of these images… the first one, you can see a plus a line below the queue. I’ve been watching carefully – it’s the first sign of the problem in this episode … also if you look carefully while the game is playing – the area just below the last bright white queue shows a “snow over effect” then the snow quickly disappears … this happens repeatedly, but way too fast for me to capture with a screen shot. I’ve never noticed that before, but I’ve never look this closely.


This second image, from a previous episode today, shows how jumbled the queue can get…