Passenger travelling outside the carriage


Are you working relieve lines all the time from all circles?


Yes, all the unconnected circles – but still I have to watch the connected ones, as the episode progresses, even those will have passengers left behind by trains.


I’ve seen the queue glitch but only on Osaka on Mobile (Droid)


If you’ve updated to the most recent Android build through Humble (delta31, version 1.9.1), can you let me know if you’ve seen any similar behaviour? We have found and fixed an issue that would’ve caused it, but it only occurred when a station mutated.


I don’t know what humble is – but when I see an update on google play, I’ll be sure to check this out.


Ah right! I thought you were running the game from Humble Bundle. Playdigious will be updating the game on Google Play pretty soon.


I updated today … is it version 201710130903 (2.0.2)? Google Play says this was updated on Oct 13 ??? But I was only prompted by google play today. I see a stockholm map, that I haven’t seen before. So something has definitely changed.

I played Osaka today – the mixed up queue is still there … check out the triangle interchange near the center of these images… the first one, you can see a plus a line below the queue. I’ve been watching carefully – it’s the first sign of the problem in this episode … also if you look carefully while the game is playing – the area just below the last bright white queue shows a “snow over effect” then the snow quickly disappears … this happens repeatedly, but way too fast for me to capture with a screen shot. I’ve never noticed that before, but I’ve never look this closely.


This second image, from a previous episode today, shows how jumbled the queue can get…


I love the new stockholm map … I’ll have to go to Stockholm just to check out the transit system!!!

but re: jumbled queue – check out the square interchange …


Thanks for the info! Your screenshots always have the passenger issues at interchanges, is that what you’re seeing? Also, what device exactly are you using? It looks widescreen-ish, so I’m assuming it’s a phone, but it’s using the tablet scales for the passengers (six per row instead of four on a phone).


Yes … I’ve only noticed this on the interchanges. I will see if I can make this happen w/o using interchanges.

The screenshots are from a Lenovo YT3-850F – tablet with 8" screen and android 6.0.1


Ahah, that helps a lot. Glad it’s a tablet and our phone / tablet detection code isn’t also having problems. :slight_smile:


FYI – I could not duplicate the jumbled queue problem in an episode without an interchange station. I might try again, but first I have to figure out how to use a regular station like an interchange – the countdown timers seem so much faster on regular stations.

I did manage to duplicate the jumbled queue problem on my ZTE 957 phone running Android 6.0.1 – that’s a 5.5" screen. It took *way*way* longer for it to happen on 5.5". I’m pretty sure the jumbled queue is related to recovering from the countdown timer. (In this image from Stockholm, it’s only the second time the countdown timer started on that square interchange, after surely moving 1500 passengers through it.)


Encountered the same bug; Steam, current version; transfer stations and hubs have empty holes in queues.


Are there any maps that this seems to be a regular occurrence? I often see it a lot on Osaka, especially on the shinkansen.


This thread has moved in the direction of “holes in queues” at interchange stations,
but it seems the passengers travelling outside the carriage still remains.

I got a screenshot from Stockholm, Minimetro on 2.1.1 Android, see the yellow line, please.


Cheers! We have a task in our backlog for us to have a look at. We have some suspicions about what’s happening but we’ll need to dig into it. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have an effect on game play which is a relief.


If it helps I saw a passenger travelling outside a train about 2 days ago, but I didn’t get a screenshot sorry :frowning:


Still going, latest steam version.




FYI … passengers outside the carriage is still a thing… Today I noticed something I don’t think I’ve seen posted here … the carriage looks like the passengers are on a bit of a roller coaster ride – hanging off to the side the way they are at the turn… perhaps your programmers can make more sense of the bug from this angle?


Regardless – I was thinking – it would be fun to have a roller coaster version of minimetro …