Pathfinding after relocating a train


Pathfinding is much, much better, thank you.

I do not understand the following behaviour:

Notice the red circle station counting down. Most of the waiting passengers are triangles. The third station to the left/down is a triangle and the third station to the right/up is a triangle. I moved the single car train from the end of the red line to the left of the red circle station counting down and moving to the right/up. I am not sure which of the two triangle stations are closer by track distance but the train I have just moved will get triangle passengers to a triangle station sooner if they get on the train now when it pulls into the station rather than wait for it to go to the end of the line and return in the opposite direction or wait for the other train on the red line to get to the overcrowded station:

The train did not stop at the overcrowded station. No passengers were picked up:

I moved the red single car train to the left of the square station moving right/up

The train did not stop at the overcrowded station. No passengers were picked up:

I reversed the direction of the red single car train so that it is to the right of the overcrowded station moving left/down:

The red single car train stops at the overcrowded station and picks up six passengers

If this is not a bug but rather behaviour as intended, could you explain.output_log.txt (535.6 KB)


Just wondering if you have checked this thread out? The developers are aware of the AI pathfinding issue, though.


I guess you missed the fact that I commented in the thread you referenced? The ‘Gamma 15’ update released on January 12 made improvements to pathfinding, which is why I started my post with a “thank you”. I made that post on January 13 because I feel there are additional pathfinding issues still to be addressed.

During today’s (January 14) map-of-the-day game I observed another pathfinding problem. It does not occur after relocating a train, but this is my thread so I am going to post it here too.

Both the cyan/blue and pink trains have just left the overcrowded circle station which is counting down and are travelling up towards the square station. The blue train arrived at the overcrowded station first followed a second or two later by the pink train. Both trains stopped at the overcrowded circle station and both picked up some passengers, but as you can see, both trains are not full, and both square and triangle passengers (the types of the next two stations along the lines) remain at the still overcrowded circle station.

output_log.txt (185.0 KB)


Yeah, I think I did, since I usually go straight to the very bottom, and I thought @shiprib had answered your question.


Hey, thanks for the description and screenshot. Very useful! Sorry about the bug, but at least it’s consistent with the one remaining issue that we’re aware of.


Thank you Fistandantillus7 for insisting on this persistent problem.
I do experience the same type of issues in the game.

I do particularly agree for the second phenomenon that you recently posted on Osaka map.
Sometimes, trains simply do not pick all passengers up and leave some spaces free.

I would love to help the developers with screenshots, too, but often the problem is already gone when I feel ready to hit screenshot button (or it’s already in a critical phase of the play and my desire not to go game over is higher).


Just wondering. Are you able to pause the game?


Yes clearly I can pause the game, but on my small Android phone only by hitting the clock and then the pause button (which may take more than a second after which the interesting situation may already be gone).


No, I mean, are you able to pause the game, then take screenshots of the map, so you can point out the issues using MSPaint / GIMP / or any image editing tool?

But to be honest, uploading a game log with the issues occurring would be better off.

The developers have already acknowledged the issue, and they will announce something once the issue is addressed.


Good news! We’ve found and fixed the problem, so next update will have this issue resolved. I have a nagging suspicion that there’s another bug kicking around in there, as not all of the error cases can be explained by the bug we found, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

I’m really sorry about how long this has been an issue. It was a very low-level pathfinding issue so it’s been hanging around for years! Heh, perhaps everyone’s scores will get a bit of a boost from this. :slight_smile: