Pedestrian Transfer


I’m not sure if this has been suggested already but when looking at a tube map this afternoon (as you do) I noticed that some stations have tunnels that connect them so pedestrians can walk between stations that are close together? Wondered if this would work in Mini Metro. Could be given as an upgrade, allows passengers to get off at a station and get on at a connected station to shave a few minutes off journey time, is permanent once placed and has a limited range. Can only connect 2 stations at a time but stations can have multiple connectors connected to them. Example of pedestrian transfer below:


Basically, you’re suggesting for a “Concourse”, which is like an add-on like the Interchange for the Train Station.

It’s really up to the developers if they wished to add a Concourse for passengers to move around through.


Yeah that sounds about right, I should also note it doesn’t increase capacity and of any stations, the concourse itself can transfer 6 passengers at a time (not sure about that rate of transfer, feel free to tinker with it)


That could be a neat addition. I’ve thrown it into our backlog so we can have a think about it. Cheers for the idea!