Please alow zooming or some view adjustments in the post game screenshot mode


After a game you have the opportunity to take a screenshot and watch a video of the metro grow. This is great.

However I would love to create mobile wallpapers with the whole metro on the screen. And it would be great if we could zoom in in game, as there might be some vector scalling when zooming, giving a better quality screenshot

Would be a great feature and allow for more cool user generated content.


I do agree that it might be interesting. This would be helpful if someone might want to make a minimalist-looking metro poster or something of the sort, although I do believe that you can edit photos through your photography app, in which one of the options is to crop the photo…


Yes, but the image quality would goto crap. Just allow zooming in the same manor that you can do in game, in the final view-city mode.

Could create very nice wallpapers or graphics.