Problem with deleting lines


Now in 2018 a lot of phones have high screen-to-body ratio which forces companies to have software buttons. They dissapear when you play a game, watch video etc. but they appear again when you swipe from the edge of the bottom screen which is in the same position as the lines you can select. This situation creates problem if you want to remove one of the lines because the navigation buttons come up and you have to click one more time to make them dissapear (or wait) and only then you can delete the line you choose before.

My suggestion is to have an option to delete any selected line by double-tapping on it. It would solve the issue which I described quite easily and I think it’s pretty simple.


I understand your pain! I have an Android device that does the same thing. Unfortunately, we can’t make any changes to how it functions because Apple doesn’t allow us to disable that function.

Double unfortunately, already have double-tap dedicated to zooming back out to full screen. One potential solution could be to pinch zoom in a bit so you can move the screen up a bit so it’s out of the way of the bottom swipe zone. If you wanted to delete a whole line, we have a bit of a sneaky way of doing it if you haven’t found it already. If you swipe left on the line’s dot, it will pop up an “X” and pressing the “X” will delete the line.

Thinking about your system a bit more, I don’t think we’d be able to implement it as a "line only’ function (ie only if a player taps on a line) because when the game is zoomed out, the players fingers would never be on just the line. UI is so very tricky, especially as phones evolve and their UI changes too. I wish I had a better option for you.


Thanks for the reply. If the issues you addressed are the only problem I would suggest moving the line segment to the centre of the bottom screen which is the same as the PC. I know that for now not all phones have the 18:9 ratio (and above) so for the phones that have smaller (or wider) displays the UI will be the same as now (or the player could change it by him/herself).


We had a test with that when we were porting the game to mobile, but it introduced a couple of problems. The first was that it made dragging trains and carriages from their homes to the lines quite tough because it would cause the same dragging issues (especially for Android). The second issue was that it made the gameplay space really small. We did a bunch of experimenting and the current layout ended up being the best option. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an overall “good” solution.