Random Crashes On Mobile


On Mobile I seem to get crashes completely randomly, any game mode, any map. Anyone else get this?


Is the game crashing and exiting back to the home screen, or locking up?


Crashing and exiting mostly, I do occasionally get lock ups but I just use a boost app and they clear up, that’s down to lots of background stuff


Ok, thanks for clarifying! Can I send you the beta APK we have prepared for the update? We’ve removed one known crash and removed a ton of redundant pathfinds that were running on large maps—hopefully that’ll make it run more smoothly.


Beta what now??? I have no idea what that means. Sorry for not replying sooner btw, been surfing.


Anti-Pasta Koala? Genuinely no idea


An APK is a Android Package Kit, or a build of the game that you can download to your phone (to play and see if it solves the problem) instead of getting it from Google Play. It’s a way we can send you a build that will hopefully fix the problem. If you send us a shout at support@dinopoloclub.com, we can send it your way.


I hath Shouted. It should be in ye inbox


Got it! Replying to you now. Cheers!


Looks good so far. I haven’t had any crashes apart from one time where the game closed randomly but It was probably me hitting the home button accidentally. Thanks for the fix :slight_smile: