Real life number of metro lines in creative mode


The other day, I was playing this game on creative mode with the Osaka map. I was trying to remake the Osaka Metro map. Then I noticed that I didn’t have enough lines to completely remake the map and it was frustrating. I am missing 2 lines. One that connects the star on the green line to the circle at the bottom of the sky blue line (New Tram line). The other that connects the pink, green, light green, and purple on the left side of this map (Imazatosuji Line).

I don’t know if this will work but I thought maybe we can have the real life numbers of lines in creative mode (ex. 9 lines in Osaka, 11 in London etc…). I know that some cities has lots of lines (33 in New York) but maybe for dose cities just put the major lines or put some lines together.

Sorry for my bad English.