Realistic mode, confirmation for restart + automatic dark mode


Hello devs,

even though I really like your game and it yet hasn’t got repetetive for me I found that three modes are just not enough. ‘Normal’ gets boring after a while, ‘Extreme’ is too difficult for most players and Endless is just slightly different modification of the first one. My request is to add another ‘Realistic’ mode. Recently I’ve found out that some users of this community have already suggest something similar but I’m convinced my idea is somewhat more applicable.

Realistic mode

  • lines can’t have angles sharper than 90°
  • the subway / tram driver takes room for one passanger in the first carriage

The second request is to have a confirmation for game reset. It has happened to me quite a lot of times when I paused the game and then instead of tapping resume I tapped restart which can be really frustrating when you just wiped a game with a pretty high score. So pop-up with confirmation could save a lot of nerves :grin:

At last but not least automatic dark mode would be pretty neat. Switching every night and morning to turn off / on isn’t that dramatic but for heavy players like me is every positive change welcome. The settings could be either automatic (based on players location - sunrise and sunset) or manual.

With kind regards