"Realistic" mode


I apologize if this or something similar has already been requested. I think a good feature would be a new “realistic” mode. It would operate similar to the normal mode, where you lose if stations are overcrowded. But instead of randomly generating stations, the stations would appear in locations that stations already exist in the real life metro of the city. Basically, you would be editing the current metro of the city. The types of stations that appear could also be consistent with the amount of passenger traffic that the real station receives in real life. For example, in the New York City realistic mode, the Times Sq-42nd station would be a special station (represented by a star, hexagon, etc.), Hudson Yards would be a square station, Bowling Green would be a triangle, and Houston Street (or any other small station) would be a circle. This would add a new experience as endlessly playing a map with completely random stations can get old after awhile. Especially for someone like me who knows where a lot of stations are located.


As I was mentioning in the “Location, Location, Location” thread, it’s a neat idea, but would required essentially a rebuild of the game and we’re just not something we can do.