Reliability Mode


This was an idea brought up by Navi in the thread after SWTZR suggested Dublin. In this mode there is a trust meter which measures how reliable the metro is (so passengers delivered quickly, avg. length off journeys etc.) and also how many trust the metro enough to use it rather than their own transport. Hopefully I have done this idea justice. All credit to Navi for thinking of it and to SWTZR for suggesting Dublin. (Please do Dublin)


Thanks! I’m glad you liked the idea! It could be a fun thing to play around with. There are some hard problems in there that could be fun to solve. Id’ really worry about being able to communicate all of that info in a way that is clear enough to understand. It’s definitely leaning more towards the simulation side. Hmmm.

As my usual warning, implementing this not something we could commit to at this point, but I’ve put it in our backlog to have a think about in the future.