Requesting to connect to Game Center on Mac


I can’t connect to Game Center on my Mac. It would be great if that were possible, so I could play the Daily Challenges and also have my progress saved both on my iPod and Mac. Thank you.


Changing title to match what was requested.

Please wait for a developer to respond.


Still no answer from any developer. I see other people connect trough Facebook, unfortunately I do not have a Facebook account therefore I am unable to save my process both on my iPod and computer. It’s odd because connecting to Game Center is possible on the iPod (iOS) but not on Macintosh (macOS). If you could arrange that it would be great. Thanks again,



I’ll try. Thanks for staying in touch. @peter or @shiprib may help when they can.


Did you purchase the game through the Mac App Store?


Yes, yes I did, the 24th of December and payed 169 mexican pesos for it :slight_smile:


This is something we’re looking into. Unfortunately we won’t be able to sync between iOS and Mac OS, as they are different products.

Initially we put all non-Steam and non-GOG users onto a single leaderboard solution, to make sure there were enough users to keep the leaderboards populated and interesting. But now that the Mac App Store is performing quite well it makes sense to maybe separate it out and ofter native Game Center support.


Well that’ll be great. I don’t think syncing would be necessary, only if both iPod and Mac could connect to Game Center would suffice.
Thanks so much.