Right click to open assets menu & scroll wheel on city screen


I need to check on available tunnels and carriages every few in-game days. Yes, I’d also have to count my hands every hour if they weren’t glued to my arms.
Would be nice if the the assets menu could be opened by a simple click with the right (menu) mouse button anywhere on screen in order to have a quick look at those numbers. Seems to be just the natural behaviour to me anyway.

That said, after months playing I still can’t help but trying to use the mouse’s scroll wheel on the city selection screen instead of clicking or pulling the cities.

I also think that sounding a train’s horn when holding the middle mouse button would add great value to the game.


Please wait for the developers to respond.


If you press the Up arrow on your keyboard, you can call up the assets menu. If you press the Up arrow twice, you can lock the assets menu in place so it doesn’t go away again. I fought for that to be the default, but lost. :wink:


Ok, that’s an option, too. But I’d still have to move my whole hand and arm to the keyboard! Nothing beats the 1mm finger movement of a mouse click.

Somehow I actually like getting that off-screen, out of the way. Maybe my monitor’s too small.


Ha, I love the idea of the tooting the horn! :slight_smile: That would make for a nice easter egg.

Right now we don’t use the right-click at all, so there are a few things that we could map to it. I like the idea of the mouse wheel controlling the asset panel, that would be quite easy to do too because all the functionality already exists.

We were thinking of using the mouse wheel on the city screen but thought it was a strange mapping because the mouse wheel is usually up-down and the city screen is left-right.