Scores comparison


Hello all,
am playing the 201602101426 version gamma6. Since this latest update, the high scores compared to other players (in Daily Challange or even in my cities’ scores) are shown as “worst 100%” all the time I am not in Top 10.
Anyone with the same issie? Any fix coming?


Do you have a screenshot?


For example Paris, am 26th, have a FB friend on 199 place, but with my name it shows worst 100%


Mirror screenshot (Please use Imgur for faster speeds! :slight_smile:)

That really looks like a bug. Please wait for @peter or @shiprib to address your issue.



Thanks for posting this, we’ve got this bug logged and will be looking at it this sprint. Appear to be only in the daily challenge - something to do with not refreshing your local score when you change days.


Hi, for me it’s doing this in standard cities, not only in Daily challenge…
Plus it was possible to look at the score tables of previous days in the week (in the earlier version), which is not possible now?