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Probably the tightest spawn ever.


never mind…

Update: well, never mind that…



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Actual Highscore (2793) Paris in Extreme Mode :sunglasses:

Lots of luck included, especially with Cross/Pentagon Stations and only a very small and late number of circles west of the Seine.


Alright, this is an old topic, but here’s my 2nd highest score in all of the game (around 1500, but my top is 2067 on the same map).
EDIT: I just realized I really underutilized that red line, it only went to 3 stops :confused:


I don’t even know what happened here, one minute everything was going perfectly well, the next all the stations were overcrowding :expressionless:

Hong Kong too hard?

I had some fun with endless mode and Hong Kong today, and the results were interesting:

As you can see in the GIF, there were several significant changes to the routings. At first, I wanted to have only one line serving squares so that all the lines would feed into the square line, but forwards the end a square popped up in an inconvenient area and I decided to start all over. Then, I just played with making some useless routes look like P lines for a few minutes, before finally getting back to the grind. I chose to focus on the far right square for this session, making it a huge interchange where all lines (but one) ended/started. This was better than the former game with the squares which only got me to a score of 140, this open got me to about 180. So I’ll explain the routes for the final copy of my endless Hong Kong game.

Green: This mainly mimicked the Island line, going for the main square to all the lower circles. I decided to extend it slightly up to the circle because it looked nice with three lines going from square to circle, and the other with three lines going from square to triangle. This got a bit congested but was relieved later on.

Pink: This line didn’t really mimic any real world line, it was basically just the island line except slightly different. It still went from the square to the group of circles, but midway it crossed the harbor to let passengers transfer before going back to Hong Kong island.

Red: This was one of the longest lines, going from east of Kowloon all the way to Tung Chung. It mainly brought people from Lantau to the mainland, and also helped people go to Disneyland :smile:

Blue: This line was also quite long, it was similar length to the red line. It was for sure the most congested line because it was the most direct way to get the cross and the pentagon. Extending the orange line didn’t do much as it had a snake like path and didn’t really relieve the traffic. It also shared many stations with the light green line, which actually did help.

Airport Express: In the final version of my game, it wasn’t really an airport express as there was no airport station. It was the shortest line but was still quite full because it served three circles in north Kowloon. It also was a feeder line for the light green line. This was good and bad as it provided passengers a shorter route but it made the light green line extremely full.

Light Green: This was a special route as it was the only one which didn’t go to the east square. It was also the only loop. As said earlier, it was quite full and helpful as it helped passengers get to many of the rare shapes, and connected many of the lines together.

Orange: Last but not least, the orange line. It was the longest line I had. It didn’t have any carriages (I think) as it was mainly a secondary line to help the other ones. Out of the stations it stopped by, only 3 were only served by only the orange line and not any others, which proves my point.

Most Important/Helpful Lines:

  1. Blue
  2. Light Green
  3. Red
  4. Pink
  5. Green
  6. Airport Express
  7. Orange

Longest Lines (In terms of stations):

  1. Orange and Light Green (11 stations)
  2. Blue and Red (10 stations)
  3. Green and Pink (8 stations)
  4. Airport Express (6 stations)

Before I finished my game, I decided to tweak some lines to make them organized and neater, as you can denote from the GIF. The picture I took above shows what my map finally looked like before I ended.

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile: As you can tell, I have lots of free time on my hands :joy: