Simple save feature


Just a suggestion to add a simple save feature so you can save in normal mode, giving you the ability to try different approaches when things get really hectic…


This is a neat suggestion, but it would be a pretty heavy task to try to add it in at this point, and to be honest we’re a little nervous about messing with the save system as it can be quite fickle.

If you’re really keen to save out your game, and you’re playing on a PC version, you can pull out the save file, savegame.dat which you can find the full path in the game log.

Another option is to replay the Daily Challenge maps after posting your first score. It won’t record your new scores, but you’d get practice using exactly the same map set up.


Thanks for getting back to me!



This is a 2 year old, paid game. “Too heavy task” is not an excuse for a standard save feature. Save is a give n feature since Atari guys. Come on!

I don’t want multiple saves. I play on Android and I don’t want to start from scratch every time I open the game. That’s it.

Why is it a heavy task for the game to save my progress every 30 seconds or after every nth action?