Singapore map colour/tone/intensity visual 'bug'


On the Singapore map I cannot see the grey number for the number of bridges (or carriages) I already have when the weekly asset choice screen comes up. I cannot differentiate the grey superscript number from the grey-green background. Because I know they are there I can just barely make out the grey circles of the unused line colour icons and the background of the bridge and carriage icon, but for me it is essentially all one undifferentiated blur. A slightly lighter/darker water colour would make these icons visible for be like they are on the other maps.

(yes, I know this map has been out for years, and yes it has always been a problem despite my never bringing it up until today)


Forum mod (not a dev) here, are you referring to the UI element at the bottom of your screenshot?


Esh, that’s not readable at all is it. Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve got a ticket written up for it and hopefully the team will be able to figure out a good solution soon.