St Petersburg challenge - Translation error?


Hello! Sorry, this category might not be the best fit but I didn’t know where else to stick my question.

I’ve been trying to complete the St. Petersburg challenge for a while now. Mini Metro is in German on my phone and the challenge is titled “Transport 1500 passengers with only one tunnel per line.” I’ve never had such a problem getting even close to the goal, so after another wildly unsuccessful try I turned to YouTube for tips on strategy.
And… Someone there completed the challenge “… with tunnels on only one line.”
So, which is it?? Has the challenge changed? Or is the translation just reeeeaaaally wrong?? O_o



Ack, you’re completely correct — the translation has inverted the meaning. Whoops! How should it read in German to mean “with tunnels on only one line.”?


It should be “… mit Tunneln auf nur einer Linie.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for clearing that up! I really love your game btw! :smile:


Thank you! I’ve got that into our translation database so it’ll be fixed in the next update. We’ll update the achievement translations on Steam, Google Play, etc., when we get a free fifteen minutes. :slight_smile: