Station Spawning


Simple thing really, could stations not be spawned in places that are impossible for a line to reach with the users current resources such as here on Mumbai. At this point I only had 1 bridge and the 2 stations were impossible to connect as it would have just caught the edge of the harbour meaning an extra bridge was needed.


Just remake the orange line again and again on one of the the 2 circles until you get an extra station on that side.


That’s what I did but you try playing Osaka with the starting number of tunnels and 4 stations each on a separate island.


I like Pro’s :smiley: that play minimetro.


We are going to give Mumbai a bit of a rebalance for the next update to help solve this. It’s a bit more fiddly than we thought it would be.


Thank You :slight_smile:. On a totally unrelated subject but seeing as you mentioned it, when is the next update and what can we expect? Could we have a thread that updates us on your progress?


Currently, we’re working through bugs that really need to be seen to. We haven’t decided exactly when the next update is (at least a couple of months away) or solidified what new content will be in it yet.


Please bring back Interchange Stations that can be upgraded twice.


Yes!!! Please do this.