STDs (Spontaneous Train Disappearances)

Occasional my car total will drop; as in it is week 2 and I only have 3 cars when a moment ago I had the proper 4. Typically when moving a car from track to track (also typically accidentally). The problem has plauged me a few times playing on the Switch version of the game.
As I’m playing the Switch version, I can’t send you anything useful and really only came here to vent as I’m playing the daily and getting on the ladder is going be nearly impossible as a result.
Honestly I don’t think I will even try, every other time this has happened I just reset. Which does remind me of another relevant detail, it happens early in the game, possibly only in week two when I’ve selected something other than a fourth line as my level up. This time I selected a carriage, no further info on previous occurrences.
I tried deleting all the tracks to see if a clean board might amend the issue. It did not.