Steam version to Android version Transfer



first of all I’d like to thank the awesome developers who have brought this game to where it is today. Congrats on the mobile versions… can’t wait to play it!

Before I purchase it though, I’d like to ask whether the users who have already bought the Steam version will get an APK as well.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


The Android release is available, CONGRATS to developers!! My best wishes in terms of benefits (€$€$… hehe).

I have the same question as ShelledSquare70…



Congrats on the release! Coincidentally, I very recently purchased the pc version from Steam. I’d love to play this game on mobile (android) devices as well, so same question from me. :slight_smile:


I actually bought the game with HumbleBundle before the official release for pc (early access), it really is a fantastic game. But now i’m also wondering how to get the free app download for Android.



Unfortunately we are only able to provide the Android APK through Humble. You can get this by selecting the Android download option in Mini Metro from the Library.

I’m very sorry about this for our Steam players, it just wasn’t possible. :frowning:


Nice! I didn’t realize I could get it with humble bundle!