Steam Workshop Custom Maps


Please can you add Steam Workshop Custom Map support? That would be epic!

City suggestions

I second this, if you add custom map support, it would make the replayability endless with people building maps for cities around the world. You can add in support possibly through a map maker in the game or adding in a .png with markers for water and land.


A map editor is currently listed on the wishlist for the game, which means it’ll be considered once the game has been finished.

To see what still has to be done before the game can be considered ‘finished’, take a look at the Trello board.


Their could be a city maker in the game .Were You could add water to a blank white screen a bit like in paint. this could mean that not only can people make their own worlds and have a wide variety from islands to maybe just a lake in the middle to an intricate river that spreads into a delta with living population the delta. also this would mean people could create any city with a geographical map. maybe even a sharing method for spreading the maps with most played at the top and bad ones at the bottom