Steam Workshop Mods


Maybe you could add a link to the workshop. So people can make mods like trains, trams, buses, etc. . This could mean that they could make it bigger and better to my idea :wink:


I don’t know if modding is being planned, or they have plans for modding from the beginning.

This is a reasonable request that warrants the developers’ attention.


We’d like to! Mini Metro hasn’t been developed in a very flexible way unfortunately, so there’s no easy way to add new scenarios and game modes without coding them into the game.

We’d love to work on add support for mods though. If we’re able to keep working on the game post-launch, we will eventually get to adding a map editor, and (maybe) change the way the game modes are coded to allow for custom scenarios.


You may want to put a Trello card about this, just in case someone else asks about this and I can just link that card as an answer.


You may not have to re-code the game as sooner or later someone will make a version that has mod support but they would probably do an awful job…


If you really want to encourage modding you could make a modding tool to go with MM. (please don’t make us pay to use it (that would be mean))