Strategy guide where


Where can I find a strategy guide so that I can learn from others?


No idea. Let’s start one;

  • Try to put upgrade’s on specials, this way you have less transfers in your total network.
  • Let lines drive in 1 direction only to force pickups on the whole line.
  • Try to put 1 square and triangle in each line if possible in the map
  • Build loops to optimize capacity utilizing on your lines
  • Try to avoid choosing bridges / tunnels over passenger space when able. Build an express line onto an island if need be. (1 line, 2 stations, 1 locomotive).
  • Do not choose the Upgrade option very early
  • Try to choose a forth line and or tunnel set int he first 4 weeks, because you don’t know when they are offered again.
  • You can pickup a locomotive on a line to move it to another line, the closest station that you drop the locomotive too, will be the driving direction.
  • When you have 4 locomotives on your line, you can move a locomotive within the line, both physically as in direction. You cannot however force it to skip just 1 station.
  • The game has an auto wait delay on lines with several trains in the same direction. So, dont overcrowd small line with locomotives, give them more carriages.


A fan has made one a while ago that includes basic info and some strategy, but it might be a bit outdated at this point. It would be interesting to compare what they have and the new ideas that you’ve discovered are working.