Stupid/Wacky/Weird Ideas you've seen


So you guys must get a lot of feature requests (I contribute about a third) and I was wondering what some of the wackiest, weirdest and downright stupidest ideas were that you’ve seen. Also what was the one that got quite far into development before someone said “Wait, we’re actually doing this?”


a mode where there is only a limited amount of lines but there is only 2 of each station type scatted around the map, maybe create a few more station types if this idea comes to fruition. this mode would be between normal and extreme you could do this by having the ways you unlock extreme modes unlock the levels for this mode and then unlocking the extreme would be completing a harder challenge on this new game mode


We’ve received a lot of requests for random events (breakdowns, SimCity-style disasters, etc.). I understand why people would be interested in the idea, but it’s one of those additions that we know wouldn’t work as players just don’t have the tools necessary in the game to deal with them in fun and interesting ways. After the first one it would just be annoying. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anything got too far into production before we scrapped it … I’ll ask tomorrow and see if anyone can remember anything like that.


Let me be so free to make a sidestep; check this bug in EVE, a TypeID error that is very funny.