Swapping game labels “extreme” and “normal” around


I’d like to suggest that the terms “normal” and “extreme” are swapped around in the game. This would reflect more accurately the style of play that each mode instills within the player.

I feel that in “normal” mode the steep increase in passengers that happens at a specific point and which cannot be resolved using the solutions that are available mean the game is actually “extreme”. Whereas in the current “extreme” mode it rewards better the style of play the game rewards: thinking about your resource allocation and placement of lines to stations.

However, normal mode is concerned with neither but at how quickly you can do the following solution: pausing, zooming in, and switching trains across tracks and their direction.

I really feel that this is badly labeled for a game in normal mode, and which makes it unenjoyable for a game, for these reasons:

• ⁠1: When paused, once the train’s direction and new line have been switched they cannot be switched again. What happens if you accidentally choose the wrong track?
• ⁠2: Often trains are at stations and they cannot be picked up and dragged to the line you want to or in the direction you need them to go. It requires zooming in closer to accurately pick them up.
• ⁠3: However, zooming in too close offers its own problems. If that track /station is far away from where you’ve picked up, zooming in prevents you from accurately getting that train to the track /station and in the direction you need.
• ⁠4. Maybe all this is because I’m not playing on a large enough screen? But that’s a problem of game design because it should be playable on the average smartphone and not only on the largest of smartphones and tablets. Or maybe it’s simply not a good touch screen game but is probably better on a laptop with a cursor?
• ⁠5. However, finally, and crucially, the rate at which all of this needs to happen in order to effectively stay on top of the passenger numbers is beyond tolerable or reasonable for a game that’s supposed to be casual.

If the game’s main objective is crowd management, not only is the game resolutely unmanageable but it becomes actually more unmanageable thanks to the game’s main “solution”. Therefore this should be considered “extreme”.