Take the Bus, Silly!


Hello again, fellow metroneers!
Wondering if we could ever see buses in the game as another transport option for a map, much like the Shinkansen and trams. Buses would be faster than trans, but slower than regular trains, making the hierarchy game, with the buses having a maximum capacity of 8 people, but, like the Shinkansen, you would have the choice each week between 2 trains and 1 bus. I feel that this would be a great fit for Brisbane as a map, which i will also suggest on the city reccomendations page.
Cheers! :slight_smile:


We’ve talked about having busses as an upgrade in some cities for short-term transfers, sort of like the way people use the last line as a rescue line when playing for super-high scores. Ultimately we figured it’d be better to concentrate on just the subways, and leave multiple transport options for a future title (fingers crossed).

Interestingly some people have pointed out that because you can redraw lines, Mini Metro is really about buses anyway. :slight_smile: