Take the Bus, Silly!


Hello again, fellow metroneers!
Wondering if we could ever see buses in the game as another transport option for a map, much like the Shinkansen and trams. Buses would be faster than trans, but slower than regular trains, making the hierarchy game, with the buses having a maximum capacity of 8 people, but, like the Shinkansen, you would have the choice each week between 2 trains and 1 bus. I feel that this would be a great fit for Brisbane as a map, which i will also suggest on the city reccomendations page.
Cheers! :slight_smile:


We’ve talked about having busses as an upgrade in some cities for short-term transfers, sort of like the way people use the last line as a rescue line when playing for super-high scores. Ultimately we figured it’d be better to concentrate on just the subways, and leave multiple transport options for a future title (fingers crossed).

Interestingly some people have pointed out that because you can redraw lines, Mini Metro is really about buses anyway. :slight_smile:


Regarding that future title, I thought of some ideas to distance it from Mini Metro. First, the lines could always go in a circle. Second, they always follow the roads which are pre-mapped out. Third, there could be multiple rival companies, which was inspired by the bus situation in Guatemala and Mexico, where worn-out school buses from the US go. There are several bus companies, and drivers go as fast as they can to get to the decided on stops where people are before the other drivers do, then have someone go back to collect the fare. It’s pretty crazy. Finally, you could implement a map creator, where people position where the roads and stops are, then post them online. Pretty much all the features that people want in Mini Metro, but you can’t implement them because of the way the code is set up.