Toolbar Location


Simply put: Could we move the toolbar around the edge of the screen so that we can have it at the top or at the sides depending on our preference or the layout we are playing with? The way my monitor is set up means that the ideal resolution makes the bottom of the game window go just below my windows toolbar. This makes trying to call up the toolbar is a real pain as I keep opening KSP. Having the ability to move the toolbar would be really useful :slight_smile:


Having more flexible toolbar positioning would be helpful and nice for customization. We currently have the toolbar moved to the side for the mobile build, but it required a bunch of tinkering to get it work properly and look good. Trying to adapt the same for desktop would take a good amount of work so this kind of feature addition isn’t looking likely at this time. I’ll add it to our list of things to consider in the future though. Thanks for the feedback.