Train breakdowns and/or external emergencies


Don’t know if this is already a feature/request but have trains breakdown and need repairs OR have external events flood a specific station with lots of passengers.


I say random disasters are a detriment to score-based games like this. Have an unlucky random draw and you’re screwed from getting a highscore. Unfair. Players experiencing unlucky random draws and blaming the game for their loss are are less likely to play again.

In short, bad idea.


Fair enough, but there are already some random elements at play. From where the initial stations are placed to the appearance of subsequent stations (placement/type). It’s not as if it’s a totally level playing field for each game/user per se. I think having to do intermittent repairs or having stations experience an emergency surge of passengers (perhaps in the later rounds) could make the game more realistic and thus more fun!


This is essentially a game with no winning conditions. When you start playing, you know that your system will come to a crashing halt at some time, no matter what you do. I think there is enough randomness in the game that disasters or breakdowns aren’t really needed.
This game isn’t a simulation and really isn’t supposed to be realistic. If the developers wanted to turn this into a full subway simulation, I would be all for it, but there would be an awful lot of work involved to do that. As it is now, it is just a nice little time killer where each game lasts almost long enough.


And tbh we get random surges anyway. I’ve seen the system go from quiet to most stations overcrowding in ten seconds