Train did not pick up all possible passengers at station


In tonight’s daily challenge I had a train pick up only 9 + passengers (rather than a full 12) at a station that had over 20 + passengers waiting. See orange line in clip from screenshot


Do you have the log file for that game session?


No? I have played since then. If I notice this happening again where would I fine the log file? C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MiniMetro\MiniMetro_Data\output_log.txt?


See stickied thread.


I’ve seen it do this occasionally when another train is coming into the station that will go to the same station. It seems to get confused and schedule them on the later train.


output_log.txt (199.0 KB)

Ok here are the files from tonight’s challenge. In the pic you can see that a blue train has just passed through the triangle station without picking up a full load of (water drop) passengers. I noticed this happening at that station several times this game and I caught a purple train leaving behind + passengers once too.


Thanks for reporting this issue. It’s been on our radar for a while now, unfortunately up till now we haven’t had any time to investigate it due to the mobile release. Rest assured it’s high on our priority list now!


The blue train being discussed in the following post in a different bug report is more than likely another example of the same issue:

Actually passengers not getting on the correct train and passengers getting on the incorrect train are two aspects of the same problem: your pathfinding algorithm is buggy.


been noticing this more and more. it seems that when the station is overloaded it just tried to unload as many travelers as it can. it looks like it’s unloading from the top left first. so know knowing that i can usually guess which will be picked up and route a rescue train accordingly.


Just a quick note to say that we recently spent a few days looking into these issues, and found and fixed a number of bugs. So the next update (due in a week or two) will remove almost all of the strange passenger behaviour.


still happening on android version


Thanks for checking in. There is still one last bug that has been super elusive that we’ll be working on solving for a future update.


I had this happen to me tonight on the Daily Challenge. If someone will remind me where to get the logs in Ubuntu Linux 17.10 I can get them since I have not played since. I will try to figure out where they are in the mean time.
There were a couple of “O”'s that I just would not pick up passengers even though the next station was the place they were going (and none were closer). Trains would go through and if I started a new line it would leave empty. I would have to pick up the train and put it back and it would pick up.


From today’s challenge; notice the orange train northbound to the lower square station. The train did offload and load passengers at the previous circle station but there are empty seats on the train and square passengers left behind waiting (I’ll accept a claim that the triangle passengers are waiting for the southbound train).


That station is extremely overcrowded


I’ve actually lost from an interchange overcrowding.