Train disappears when deleting track whilst tapping and holding train


Playing on the iOS app, version 1.3.
The topic title actually manages to cover what I’m trying to say quite well. If you tap and hold onto a train just after you delete the line, and continue to hold the train after the track has completely disappeared, the train will be lost forever too. I’ve attached a couple of pictures to try and show this. First pic is whilst I’m holding the train away from the track after I’ve deleted the track (very awkward to get a screenshot!) The second is after when the train doesn’t appear in the list on the left. I went back and replicated it again, right down to having no trains left. Hope this report helps!


Oh! That’s a new one. I’m surprised someone didn’t catch this one before now. Thanks for passing this one along to us. It’s now in our backlog.


Great news, glad to help!