Train is loading but game ends


I’ve had this happen several times but this time I was able to save the player log.


Thanks for sending the log! Unfortunately we don’t log anything useful out for this particular bug. It keeps cropping up though, so we do need to take a look. Or at least add something to the log. :expressionless:


Its back again…

Screen Shot here
FYI…it was the green line


I’m not sure but this might be related to the bug I have been seeing which is on some games around the same point. The game just seems to randomly crash. I am not sure what is causing it but I’ll let you know next time. I would post a log but this is on mobile. The PC version is fine.


Yeah, happened again. Sau Paulo, 2. Loops three locos six stations. Game randomly shut down thirty seconds in


And again, DC, around the four hundred mark, four lines, seven locos, couple of carriages three loops and one linear. Game goes black then my home screen appears, takes a while to load the apps after the background appears if that helps