Train Line Limit


On the longer lines, once they have reached a certain length or station number could we please be allowed more trains because on huge maps like Shanghai or Mumbai the lines get so long that you really need more trains to effectively run the network. Also Mumbai only has 6 lines to start with which makes it hard anyway.

Ta ra



They can be pretty tricky when they get bigger, so I can totally see how this can be frustrating. The trouble is that it also is part of what make the game challenging (and fun). It requires you to figure out new/better routes. If we took off the cap it would end up making the game easy (and boring).

That is a good point about Mumbai (and a few other maps). We can have a look at bringing up the train amounts on maps that only have 5 or 6 lines so they would be as so:
7 lines = 4 trains limit (28 total)
6 lines = 5 train limit (30 total)
5 lines = 6 train limit (30 total)

We’d definitely will want to test them out before committing to this change (be sure it doesn’t make the game too easy). So no full commitments, but I can put it in the backlog and check it out in the near future.


That sort of limit was exactly what I was thinking so that is me satisfied

Forced Loco Upgrade

If you are working on the limits and trains and stuff, now when you make the choice to not choose a Line upgrade, you get forced locomotives upgrades anyway, all the time. Hubs, tunnels or carriages could be far more valuable at such times. Now you are forced to pick more lines, simply because you have idle locomotives.


Yeah actually could we not be forced to have locomotives? As jasper says it can be really irritating when there is an upgrade(s) that you really need at that point