Translation error in Korean, mobile version


Corresponding English text: (found on the Transifex project, which may be for Steam version)

Game Over

Overcrowding at this station has forced your metro to close.
828 passengers traveled on your metro over 40 days.

There are two problems in this screenshot:

  1. The first row (excluding the game over message) has a typo. “노무” must be changed to “너무”, which means “too”.
    Furthermore, “노무” (pronounced “nomu”) is a meme by alt-right community users, making fun of the late Roh Moo-hyun, former president of South Korea. Because of that, many users playing this game in Korean are feeling uncomfortable from this “game over” scene.
    The following string, used at mobile versions prior to 1.37 and Steam version, will be more appropriate. (I have adjusted the word spacing to make the sentence less awkward to Korean speakers.)

    본 역의 과수요로 인해 지하철이 폐쇄 조치되었습니다.

  2. The rest rows also have some problems: {PASSENGER} from the string 80 ("{PASSENGER} on your metro over {DURATION}.") is substituted by string 78 ("{SCORE} passengers traveled"), but the both of corresponding Korean strings have equivalent parts in them.

    78: {SCORE}명의 승객이 여행했습니다.
    (translation: {SCORE} passengers traveled)

    80: 당신의 철도에서 {DURATION} 동안 {PASSENGER} 명의 승객이 이용했습니다.
    (translation: {PASSENGER} passengers have used your metro over {DURATION}.)

    So the correct Korean strings should be like:

    78: {SCORE}명의 승객이 여행했습니다.
    80: 당신의 철도에서 {DURATION} 동안 {PASSENGER}


    78: {SCORE}
    80: 당신의 철도에서 {DURATION} 동안 {PASSENGER}명의 승객이 여행했습니다.

    These two combinations will rendered as same, like “당신의 철도에서 40일 동안 828명의 승객이 여행했습니다.”


죄송합니다.이 회신은 Google 번역을 통해 처리됩니다.

#1에서 언급 한 오류에 대해 알려 주시고 맞춤법 오류에 대해 사과드립니다. 우리가 조사해 봤는데 사고 였어. 그것은 "너무"있어야하고 단지 매우 불행한 잘못 유형이었습니다. 우리는 이미 실수를 변경했으며 곧 업데이트 될 예정입니다.

#2에 대해서는 번역사에게 전달하여 알려 드리겠습니다.

연락을 주셔서 다시 한 번 감사드립니다.

Sorry, this reply is put through Google Translate.

Thank you for telling us about the error you mentioned in #1 and apologies for the spelling mistake. We’ve investigated it and it was an accident. It was supposed to be “너무” and was just a very unfortunate mis-type. We’ve already changed the mistake and it will be corrected in an update that’s coming soon.

As for #2, we’ll forward this to our translator to let them know.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


Thank you for point those issues out. The typo has been fixed in all versions of the game now, except for the Switch as the patch has to go through Nintendo’s approval process.

The second issue had passed us by but I’ve fixed it now, so that’ll make its way into the game when the next update goes live. Thank you for suggesting the fix. We did have some Korean changes recently (which is how the typo made its way in), but looking back over the history of that specific translation I don’t think it was ever correct. At the very least the {SCORE} passengers traveled string has always had a full-stop at the end of it (until now).