Tunnel count sometimes changes when tunnels are dragged


When I drag a tunnel (to flip the line e.g. from straight-diagonal to diagonal-straight), the tunnel count sometimes changes +/-1. I’ve been able to make it flip between 1 and 2 by just dragging my tunnels, and it happens even if they go back to the same location after letting go. I’ve never been able to shift the count more than one step.

Possibly related, I tried to drag the line between two stations on the same shore of a river bend. When I had the line over water, the tunnel count decreased by 2 instead of 1. It did however change back +2 when I let go and the line flipped back to be on ground.

This is on the Paris map. Steam Linux, version 201612231225 (gamma15). I can upload the savegame somewhere if it’s useful.


Upload the output_log session. That’s the most important one of all.


I don’t have any file with that name, but here’s a zip of ~/.config/unity3d/Dinosaur Polo Club/Mini Metro.

mini-metro-bug.zip (11.7 KB)


I meant the log file that you can obtain by following this guide.


this is happening since Alpha version, move along ;)…


tommai: Thanks, that Player.log file is included in the zip archive.


Ah ok.

Please wait for a developer to come and check your log report.


Thanks! We’ve managed to reproduce it quite easily on the developer machines now. We knew it occurred but not that it happened so easily when changing the line angle.