Two interchanges for the price of one?


This happened in London, on Android version of MM: I was dragging my precious interchange onto the map, when another of my fingers accidentally touched the screen in some random spot… causing the interchange to drop at a random spot. Of course, to my dismay!

However, to my surprise, another interchange miraculously appeared in my assets at the same time, and I could drag it to the desired location. So I have 3 interchanges, on the London map. I’ve never been offered a 3rd interchange in London. I think it’s a bug, and I’m now wondering if that’s how some people have managed to get the huge scores on the leader boards?


Just tried that locally and, yep, you’ve found a stoater of an exploit. We’ll get that fixed up! Thanks for letting us know.


Are you aware that the same stuff happens in reverse with tunnels still since Alpha? Now and then tunnels suddenly do a -1 on the stack.


We knew there was a tunnel counting bug in the alpha, but haven’t seen it crop up in (literally) years. Do you have a reliable way to get it to miscount?


Nope, I cant reproduce it reliably. It crops up like once a year?..