Unable to get Sao Paulo Grand Prix achievement


So I transported over 1200 passengers (around 1260 approximately) in Sao Paulo only using loops. However I didn’t get the achievement notification and the profile says it’s still locked. I tried to think of possible reasons but can’t think of any except for glitch.


There’s a possibility that you broke off 1 loop as you are making new loops or extending loops, and that cut off leads to the achievement staying locked. It is a possibility though, but if you can upload your game session log (the log file for the game session), then the developers can take a look at it to determine what may cause it to stay locked.

Otherwise, we don’t have anything to check the problems with.


Frustrating! Sorry about this, it’s either our fault due to a bug or not communicating it properly. As tommai mentioned a log would be very helpful, if it happens again could you reply to this thread and attach it? (Or email it to robert@dinopoloclub.com). Thanks!