Unbalanced difficulty level


hi, I just bought Mini Metro on iOS and immediately liked it very much. Beautiful game. Here I was hoping to spend countless hours building metro lines, optimising public transport in a city and watching the trains flow by.

But I soon learned the game is designed to make you fail, usually around 1500-2000 passengers in a way you can’t do anything about it. What’s the point in thinking about optimising lines, creating a metro network that would make sense in a real city, re-routing lines and so on, if there’s nothing you can do but watch your stations get overcrowded?

So for me, Mini Metro is now nothing more than a game connecting dots with lines, watch it go to 1000+ passengers and then give up. There’s nothing hard about it. You don’t even need to think and just connect a new station to a line when it pops up.

So, I quickly completed each city and that’s it. It just doesn’t feel right as there is no replay value. At least for me. I’m aware I’m probably not telling anything new and most will disagree. And I totally get that others like this kind of gameplay, but I personally don’t care if I get 1346 or 1490 passengers in Berlin. I would rather watch my city grow and optimise the lines, see where people need to go and adjust lines accordingly, and so on…

Maybe I expected more of a simulation game than some kind of action game. But then, why is the build-up of each level so slow? Why would I spend 10 minutes watching 2 trains traveling between 4 stations, if this cannot be the foundation of a great metro network one day? Just my 2 cents!


I know the PC version allows sandbox mode. I’m not sure if the mobile version has that feature.


We will be reworking the endless mode on desktop and then releasing it onto mobile in an update.