Update with humble bundle -> data lost


Hi everyone,

I download the last update of MiniMetro on Humble Bundle. When i open the game, all my stats and save disappear. How can i do to update without this problem ?

Now, i have two files. One mini metro game with all my save, and the new one, with the new icon and city but without my previous stats and save. Strangely, some cities have few minutes games, maybe a old steam save ?

Thanks a lot, and happy new year



If anyone else is having this issue with gamma17, the problem is indeed that it’s picking up on an old save. gamma17 stores the saves in Mini Metro, older builds used MiniMetro. It checks the old location first, so will pull in your data from the previous build, but only if there is no data in the new location. Turns out we shipped a build in November 2015 that saved in Mini Metro, so if you ever ran that old build gamma17 gets confused. D’oh! We’ll fix this in the next update but for now the solution is to delete the file profile.json from the new directory.

Long story short, if you’re lost your progress when you updated, delete:

  • C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Dinosaur Polo Club\Mini Metro\profile.json on Windows
  • ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Dinosaur Polo Club.Mini Metro/profile.json on macOS
  • ~/.config/unity3d/Dinosaur Polo Club/Mini Metro/profile.json on Ubuntu

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