Upgrade Idea: Rezone a Station (Station Swap)


Concept of the idea:

"Choosing this allows you to click on an existing station to change it to another kind of station. The developers can fill in the details, but I think you should be given limited (2 or 3) choices on what to change that station to.

This would make the game less luck based, more strategic, and most importantly: less frustrating. It would mean less losing because of an unlucky streak of circles and more losing because of slowly losing the efficiency that your Metro needs as it expands."

Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309702781 ; Thank you Hammershaft for letting me post your idea on the forum.


This is a brilliant idea, especially as it is quite common to have lots of circle station churning out triangles and squares with no easy way to keep them under control


We’ve had a couple of people suggest similar ideas of this. If we had designed this at the beginning of the game, we could have probably come up with some neat mechanics to add to the game. Unfortunately, if we added it to all of the maps now, it would really through off the balance of the game and make it too easy (aka boring).

However, it maybe something we could add as a future to one specific map that has been designed to balance well with it. I’ve added it to the list of things to think about for future maps.

Thanks for the thought!


Thank you for listening! Keep the great work! :slight_smile: