Upgraded to Discourse 1.0, Gravatars broken


I’ve updated our hosted version of Discourse, this forum software, and reinstalled it the ‘proper’ way so future upgrades will be much easier.

However I’ve also managed to obliterate the locally-hosted avatars. I’m looking into it, but if might be faster if you re-upload your avatar if you’re able to. It has to be called a different name to the original file you used I believe, otherwise it doesn’t think it has to change anything.

Sorry for the hassle!

A thin border around avatars


It looks like Gravatars are also broken - I can’t get mine to work, even after refreshing, clearing cache, etcetera.


Ah, didn’t realise it was gravatars as well. Must be something wrong in the avatar caching … I’ll see what I can do.


Local avatars are now working. Still working on gravatars.


Since Gravatars and local avatars now work, can this be unpinned? Or there are still some issues left remaining to resolve?


You can just unpin it for yourself by pressing the pin or changing the setting at the bottom of this page below the Invite and Star buttons.