Uploads broken-


Don’t note the dash at the end of the topic title - the system wanted me to use at least 15 characters

Some of the uploads to the forums here seem to be broken. Image to illustrate what I mean

It doesn’t seem like it’s restricted to my browser or my profile, since I’m also seeing the same ‘missing image’ in different browsers, after logging in and out, and clearing cache. Manually opening the image results in a HTTP 404 error, which means it’s really missing. Re-uploading images doesn’t seem to solve anything, since I just tried doing so with my profile image. Weird enough, my profile picture still shows on the frontpage in the ‘users’ column.

edit: of course my avatar has to break in the users column as soon as I post this… While broken avatars don’t seem to affect everyone, all uploads do seem broken. Also, the reason why you (probably) can see the image in this thread, is because it’s hosted somehwere else.

edit 2: new uploads seem to be working, since the system automatically downloaded the external image, put it in my post, and it’s working. Some avatars and old uploads are still broken, though.


Ack, we’ve had no end of troubles with uploads since migrating servers. Do you use an uploaded avatar or a gravatar?


Uploaded avatar, since my Gravatar doesn’t work since 1.0 :frowning:


Making progress … Gravatars are still broken, but it looks like all other avatars are working. Some of the older uploads are working now, even if their uploads aren’t. (??) I’ll get some more help on the broken links. I know the files are still there (I can find them on the server if I look hard enough), the database just doesn’t have the right links.