How about WARNING SIRENS that alert you when a station’s “overcrowded clock” has only 5 seconds left?
This would allow you to quickly PAUSE the game and find a solution (if one exists). WARNING SIRENS would be items you can choose just like INTERCHANGE, BRIDGES, or LINE. Warning sirens could be kept in your inventory for later placement in stations. The city whose siren goes off would flash RED and the volume of the sound would be slightly louder than the usual background ambiance.


I think your idea over complicates what’s meant to be a very simplistic game.

given the number of trains and lines by the time you get to an overcrowded station, 5 seconds is not going to do anything for you, the game would end before you could even pause the game and decide what action to take let alone find a solution and hope a train will make it to said station before the 5 seconds is up.


I like this idea … how about just a generic warning… sometimes I somehow get zoomed in to 90% of the map, and then the countdown timer surprises me. A warning flash would be nice for this.


We’ve had a couple of people suggest this before. We’ve had a think about how to do it elegantly and with the way the game is currently set up, it would take some significant changes to get it working well. I don’t know if we’ll get to it, but we’ll keep it in mind.

Thanks for the suggestion though. It helps us figure out what people are hoping for in the game.

Oh, another thing that may help: You may have figured this out already, but if you double-tap the screen, it will bring you back to full screen, so you’ll be able to see if you’re in trouble easier. It’s not a perfect solution, but hopefully it helps mitigate the problem a bit.